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In the heart of Koroška, next to the border with Austria, you can find Dravograd, a community of 105 km2 where 9.069 locals live in settlements united in five smaller local communities. The large part of the economy is centred in the industrial area in Otiški Vrh, but the majority of the community is typically countryside. The transit character of Dravograd has been preserved throughout its history. It remains an important traffic crossroads for the traffic of the twelve regions of Koroška as well as with the Austrian part of Koroška. The railway connections in the area are modest. Interestingly the tradition of ferry traffic down the river Drava has been coming back to life in recent years as well as the development of cycling paths in the region in the connection with the European cycling network.

At the confluence of the three rivers of Koroška Drava, Meža and Mislinja surrounded by hillsides overgrown with forests lies the crossroad of ancient and new paths of Dravograd. The roots of the town which began to take the shape it has today in the 12th century, thanks to its happily situated traffic location have been noticed even in the antiquity period. The well preserved town centre underneath the castle ruins bears witness to the important medieval role the town had once upon a time. It is enriched by the Roman church of St. Vid (Sveti Vid). Life in the Northeast of Slovenia, bordering on the neighbouring Austria between the untouched mountain chains of Kozjak, Pohorje and Strojna is marked by rivers and the bridges and the banks they connect between them. There are many interesting trails. They lead through the valleys, over the mountain lands and they are the very reason for Dravograd's existence and development and a tool for locals to create a colourful history filled with tradition inspired by the gifts of nature.

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